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Changzhou Hanko Electronics Co., Ltd.
Fabricant sur mesure
Principaux produits:Lumière De jardin
Sample-based customizationTotal floorspace (10,517㎡)Design-based customizationYears in industry(21)
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4.8 /5
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The candles are of above avg quality. They are for outdoors so they dont have moving wicks etc. However, the battery life of them is great. The flicker of them in groups is amazing and they light very well the entire candle. The only think we do not like about these is there is a dark ring at the bottom of each candle which is visible when the candle is lit. It is where the battery compartment is. It gives it away that its is not a real candle.. if they could make that disappear it would be more realistic.
    Delivered on time, quality was satisfying, beautiful design and great service
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